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About Me

Hello, I am a professional graphic designer and Vtuber designer. I specialize in creating high-quality graphics and animations for virtual content creators, including Vtubers. My skills include designing character models, creating 2D and 3D animations, and producing various visual elements to enhance the overall look and feel of virtual content. I have a deep understanding of the importance of creating engaging and visually appealing content in the digital world, and I am committed to providing my clients with exceptional design services that exceed their expectations.


If you are interested in hiring me for a design project, simply send me a direct message on Twitter @sel_moonxmaker with your specific requirements, or alternatively, complete the contact form provided on my website. I will promptly respond to your inquiry and work with you to discuss the details of your project and provide you with a quote. My goal is to make the commissioning process as seamless and efficient as possible, ensuring that you receive the best possible design services tailored to your individual needs.


I possess a diverse range of skills and abilities in the field of digital design, including the creation of logos, banners, emotes, animations, overlays, pixel art, furry art, and 2D and 3D VTuber models. Additionally, I am proficient in custom website design, enabling me to provide a comprehensive suite of design services to my clients. With my extensive skill set and experience, I am confident in my ability to deliver high-quality design work that meets the unique needs and requirements of each project.